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I Want to Throw Up

i hate everything right now
i hate tennis
i hate food
i hate school
i hate my gpa
i hate norsworthy
i hate golf
i hate biology
i hate the counsilours
i hate spelling
i hate always being tired
i hate everything dying
i hate people
i hate myspace
i hate driving and traffic
i hate next years classes, most of all ap gov't
i hate all the ap fags
i hate you if you're in calculus
i hate you if you're addicted
i hate wanting a girlfriend
i hate you if you think you're better than everybody else
i hate running so goddamn much i have zero respect for long distance runners
i hate ironwood
i hate spanish
i hate being a spolied little bitch
i hate my insecurities
i hate that stupid little bitch you needs to swallow a gun on matt's livejournal
i hate ernest hemingway
i hate lists
i hate everything my sister listens to
i hate thinking about my dog dying
i hate not having a job but not wanting one either
i hate wanting a girlfriend
i hate the bishop
i hate peer pressure over stupid shit
i hate required senior theology
i hate life teen
i hate people who are always fighting with each other
I hate you
I hate you too
i hate you most of all
i hate hating.
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